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Communicate on a global scale

Boutique2Mode and l’echommerces are positioned at the crossroads of print and digital communications and interact frequently with retailers, suppliers and consultants. By choosing to communicate through our media, you place your company at the very heart of the retail sector, and you benefit from the many professional contacts that arise from addressing highly specific themes “which speak” to retailers.

Web Communication & Social Networks is once again the leading website in terms of traffic from retailers in the fashion sector, with 34,643 registered and professional contributors in 2018 (retail stores, agents, executives and managers from the fashion sector and representatives from professional organisations).

With an audience of more than 100,000 readers per year, l’echommerces has established itself as the media to represent independent retailers, ranging from the hairdresser to the baker, to the restaurant owner, the pharmacist and other household and personal equipment retailers. A partner of various associations and federations, echommerces covers the news, as well as store operations: management, merchandising, marketing, etc…

The two sites host quality editorial content, as well as sponsored content and native advertising, including banner adverts.

The Facebook pages of Boutique2Mode and l’echommerces promote content sharing (up to 2,000 shares) and promotional campaigns.

Kit média B2M et l’echommerces EN

Content creation

We write advertorials & native advertising content and publish them on a variety of media (magazines, websites, social networks, emails). Here are a few examples:

All My SMS, Almax MannequinsSolutions Boutiques, WHO’S NEXT and Salon de la Lingerie (Pages 7, 8 et 9)

We can also produce or co-produce promotional campaigns, like this one: Peter Polo St Tropez campaign, via emailing, as web content, as well as in an edition of the magazine (pages 12 and 13).

Kit média B2M et l’echommerces EN

Newsletters and email campaigns

The commitment of retailers to our publications gives you access to a large exclusive database comprising more than 50,000 email addresses of retailers, managers of professional federations and retailer associations.

Using specific domain names and dedicated IP addresses, we carry out targeted routing:

  • Every week boutique2mode and l’echommerces newsletters are sent to retailers. Depending on availability, we offer banner adverts and dedicated positions for press releases.
  • For our partner advertisers, we regularly send out mass or targeted emails: hairdressers, fashion stores, e-cigarette resellers and bakers, among others.
Kit média B2M et l’echommerces EN

Print Communication

The professional press is regarded as decisive when it comes to shopping tips.  Each issue of the Boutique2Mode magazine is placed “on the counter” of thousands of stores and on decision makers’ desks.

Here are the latest issues:

Kit média B2M et l’echommerces EN

NEW First edition of the l’echommerces magazine in January 2020.


Layout, marketing, e-commerce, training… RETAIL GUIDE is the first B to B connection website in the retail equipment sector. This platform, dedicated to facilitating supplier research, benefits from an audience of thousands of traders and fashion brands which already read the and newsletters and websites.

Media kit and pricing

Feel free to contact us for further information or a pricing request:

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